Wedding Photography

I have taken photos for many wedding related events such as wedding ceremony, pre-wedding, engagement party, proposal, bridal shower, vow renewal…

Mia and Noel’s wedding

John & Ahlam’s wedding

Review of my client on Freelancer

Candice and Ian’s wedding

Alex & Hope’s wedding

Mark & Allisha’s wedding party

Matt & Marie’s wedding

Simon & Su’s wedding

Aled & Laura’s engagement party

David & Judy’s wedding

Carla & Willy’s wedding

Warren & Kay’s wedding

Maree’s Bridal shower

Gary and Julie’s wedding

Wedding vow renewal

Katrina and Alex’s wedding

Marriage registration


Renee & Ash’s engagement party

Deep’s secret proposal

Janet and Victor’s wedding

Nayab & Mahmoud’s engagement party

And wedding

40th birthday party & surprise wedding

Alex’s secret proposal

Troy’s secret proposal

Maruko’s wedding

The wedding of a lovely Japanese couple in Da Nang, a beautiful coastal city in Vietnam.

Damien’s secret proposal

Shalomi’s bridal shower

Ollie’s engagement party

Happy couple, happy night

Annie’s pre-wedding

Vin’s secret proposal

“Have I said yes yet” the bride-to-be said.

Laura & Tom’s engagement party

A nice couple and a funny day

Paul & Jerena’s marriage signing

Judy’s vow renewal

Hanh & Huyen’s engagement party

A warm traditional Vietnamese engagement party

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